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Q235 Guardrail Parts Highway Barrier Galvanized Offset Blocks For Guardrail System

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SUNRISE
Model Number: HG
Minimum Order Quantity: 25MT
Packaging Details: Standard Seaworthy Packing
Delivery Time: 30-35days
Supply Ability: 8000 pcs per day
Detail Information
Material: Hot Rolled Steel Material Grade: Q235
Zinc Coating: 80-85μm Feature: Anti-corrosion, Durable
Surface Treatment: Galvanized + Powder Coated Color: Yellow White, Black , Green Etc.
High Light:

steel highway guardrail


metal guardrail systems

Product Description


Q235 Guardrail Parts Highway Barrier Galvanized Offset Blocks For Guardrail System





Offset block is a kind of bearing part between guardrail beam and post. The block itself is a energy absorbing object, which is benefit to energy absorbing, but also can reduce damage and increase the overall strength of guardrail beams.

A hexagonal hollow offset block is placed on the ground.A thrie-beam offset block is placed on the ground.
      Galvanized hexagonal hollow offset block                         This kind of offset block is specifically

    has superior performance of anti-corrosion                                   used for square posts.

                     and impact resistance.


Stacks of U-section offset blocks are packaged with steel strips.An upright C-section offset block.
     U-section offset blocks are generally used                    C-section offset blocks are installed with
      with U-section posts or H-section posts.                           C-type posts, which looks beautiful.

Guardrail Block refers to Prevention block,blocker, some places,it was named “SPACER” or “Separator”. It refers to the part between guardrail and post,and with many different shapes or designs.


Bock itself is an energy absorbing part,so it could make the guardrail deform gradually during the sudden collisions.thus is conducive to energy absorption, reduce occupant casualties; at the same time,the block could allocate the crash energy to guardrail and post,thereby increase the overall strength and tension of the guardrail system.


It mainly connected to W Beam and C Type (or U type Post).


Guardrail block/spacer specification:196*178*200/400*3/4/4.5mm




  1. Low cost, long service life.
  2. High safety performance and high intensity.
  3. Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, impact resistance.
  4. Easy to install.




Model Parameters (mm)
Hexagonal hollow offset block 196 × 178 × 200 × 4.5 mm Or custom sizes
Thrie-beam offset block 200 × 142 ×391× 4.5 mm,
196 × 178 × 400 × 4.5 mm Or custom sizes
U-section offset block U 150 × 75 × 5 × length
U 178 × 76 × 6 × length
Length: 330-560 mm Or custom sizes
C-section offset block C 150 × 75 × 25 × 4.5 × length
Length: 330-560 mm Or custom sizes
Surface treatment Hot-dip galvanizing or plastic coating
Weight of coating (GB/T 281-2007) Average check limit triple-spot test Min check limit triple-spot test
350 g/m2(50 um) 275 g/m2 (39 um)





Offset blocks are mainly used with guardrail beams, posts and post caps in the highways and bridges to reduce the collisions during the accident.


Plastic coated offset block is installed on corrugated sheet steel beam.Plastic coated offset block installed with square post.
  Hexagonal hollow offset block with green surface,          Offset blocks are installed on the roadside,
            which can absorb the impact power.                              which can support the guardrail beam.

U-section offset block is installed on median barrier. C-section post installed with C-type post.
         U-section offset blocks have superior                              Galvanized c-section offset block can
   performance of anti-corrosion and anti-aging.                          absorb energy when collisions occur.





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